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When did last names start being used?

The first time last names appeared was in ancient Rome, when the Roman Empire was at its peak. It was introduced by the Romans to identify people in large groups. When the name was originally used, there weren’t many people, and it was easier to identify them. Now, it's difficult to tell people apart. There aren’t thousands of people in one place, as there were back then.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a good last name?

Choosing a good last name is like choosing a good company name. It's not easy. First check if there are too many people with the same name as your first choice. One of the biggest problems people face is if they already have a common name.

If your common name is popular in your country, then people will have a hard time remembering it. Almost all famous people have kept their names short. I guess that's because they want people to remember them.

Where do surnames originate from?

In the middle ages, common people were not allowed to have last names. It was done by the nobles and the kings. To distinguish between each other, they used the name of their birthplace or occupation as a last name. In the early days, people used their father's name as their surname. This is one of the reasons why surnames are hereditary. In the modern times, people started to get surnames as a way of identification.

Why do people change their last name?

There are three common reasons why people take on new last names. In some cases, a spouse's last name is adopted. Another occasion is when an adopted person takes on the last name of their adopted parents.

Lastly, a person will sometimes change their last name upon getting married. Aside from this, sometimes people are forced to change their last names when they get divorced or have a legal issue in another country.

What are the most common last names?

Most common last names in the United States are Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown, Jones, Miller, Davis, Miller and Anderson. According to this updated list of the 10 most common surnames in the United States, the most prevalent surname is Smith, which accounts for nearly 5% of the population.