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Benefits of using a Random Name Generator

Random name generators are great if you're drawing a blank and can't think of a name to use. They can spark your imagination and give you fresh ideas, boosting your creativity and imagination. Some common use cases are for character names in books or video games. You can even use it to pick a baby name or to name the family pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a boys name?

There are many factors to consider before you name your son. You have to consider which name will go well with your surname, your family history and the religion that your child will belong to. Many parents find it difficult to choose the most appropriate name for their new born. Consider what other parents are naming their children, look at current trends and try to choose something modern and not too common.

What is the meaning behind a name?

The two main factors that affect the meaning of a name are language and culture. Firstly, the language is the most crucial factor that determines the meaning of a name. In many cultures, the name is given according to the customs of the culture.

In China, it is believed that the meaning of a person is decided by the time they were born. The first, fourth and seventh month of a year is thought to be a lucky month for a baby. Thus, most parents will choose the first name that represents the meaning of the month when their baby is born.

How to choose a name?

A good approach is to choose a name that is a modern name, just make sure that it is not too common. Where possible try and pick a name that has a good meaning behind it. If naming a child, both parents should decide the name together.

Brainstorm ideas, then narrow it down to a few choices. Look at the meaning behind each of the shortlisted names to try and pick the final name from the list.

Why do some people change their name?

Changing your name for a new identity is usually a result of some major event in your life, such as a new relationship, a career advancement, getting married or divorced, starting a new business, imprisonment or getting a religious rebirth. For example, singer formerly known as Cat Stevens in 1977 when he became a Muslim, took on the name Yusuf Islam. Becoming a person with a new identity is not only a matter of replacing the old with a new name but also a way of feeling better about yourself and your place in the world.