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Fun ways to use the Random Name Picker

Maybe you want to pick a winner from a random draw. Or perhaps you want to see who's picked to buy the morning coffee for the office. Get creative and use the random name picker for whatever comes to mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app that randomly picks names?

Yes, you can use a free random name from list picker to select names fairly. This is really simple to use, you just need to add a list of names and let the name randomizer do the rest. It is the equivalent to pulling names out of a hat. This tool makes it easy to do giveaways, random draws or perhaps decide who should make the tea.

How do you pick a winner with multiple entries?

You can easily pick multiple winners from a list using the random name selecter. Just add each name on a new line, choose how many winners you want to pick and click the button. You will get a list of winners instantly.

How does the random name picker work?

The name picker takes all of the names from the list and loads them into an array. Then the script picks a random number between 0 and the total number of names in the list. The random number is then used to choose the name from the array. This process is repeated when choosing multiple names at the same time.

How to pick names at random from a list?

The easiest way to pick names randomly from a list is to use a name picker tool. You enter the names of the people that you want to select from, and choose how many should be selected. After submitting the form you will see names picked at random.