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What are superheroes?

A superhero or superheroine, is a person that possesses superpowers or skills beyond those of regular people. Those abilities generally fit the role of the hero, who utilizes their powers to right wrongs and help humans to live safely on Earth. A common theme among superheroes, is to dedicate their lives to public safety and fighting crime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a good superhero name?

Some of the best super superhero names have a few things in common. The name is often very short in length with only a few characters and contains only 1 word (ie. Thor, Hulk), or sometimes they contain 2 names (Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Black Panther). The superhero name often uses gender within the name (Spiderman, Wonder woman etc), other times they will use single animal names or insects (ie. Wolverine, Beast, Wasp).

The safe bet when picking a superhero name is to include adjectives that portray strength, skill, speed and agility. Some good examples of this are Beast or Colossus (strength), Hawkeye (skill) and Flash or QuickSilver (speed and agility).

What are some superhero names in movies?

Some popular superhero names in movies are Captain America (Marvel), Superman and Batman (DC Comics). Other notable superheroes are Wolverine, Hulk and Iron Man.

What are some good male superhero names?

Good superhero names for males are often strong and courageous but also portray skill and precision. You will notice that many use animals as either part of their names or for their whole name (Black Panther, Beast, Wolverwine).

A common approach to superhero names is to use the gender as part of the name and combine it with an animal or insect (Batman, Spiderman, Antman etc).

What are some good female superhero names?

Good superhero names for females can make use of adjectives that are strong and yet seductive. It doesn't matter if they are the villain or the heroine, female characters are often portrayed as attractive while showing great strength while having class.

Some good examples are Rogue, Wonder Woman, Superwoman and Supergirl.