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Rage Hitter
Relentless Stabber
Psycho Midnight
Anguished Panther
Rotten Strike Eagle

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What are super villains?

Supervillains are frequently utilized as foils to create a formidable challenge to a superhero. In cases when the supervillain lacks superhuman, magical, or alien talents, he may have a brilliant brain or skill set that allows him to devise complicated plans or perform crimes that normal humans cannot.

They may also have a lust for power and the possession of substantial wealth to accomplish their goals. Many supervillains, like real-world dictators, gangsters, mad scientists and terrorists, have goals for world dominance or universal leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a good villain name?

Some of the best super villain names have a few things in common. The name is generally short in length with just a few characters and a single word (ie. Bane, Venom), or sometimes 2 names at most (Dr. Octopus, Two-Face, Darth Vader). The name will normally sound sinister in nature, but this isn't always the case (ie. The Joker).

The safe play when choosing a villain name is to use adjectives that portray strength and danger or mystery. Some good examples of the are Juggernaught or Incredible Hulk (strength), Black Widow or Venom (danger) and Mysterio or Doctor Strange (mystery).

What are some villain names in movies?

Some of our favorite villain names in movies are The Joker (Batman), Darth Vader (Star Wars), Hans Gruber (Die Hard) and Terminator (from the Terminator movies).

What are some good male villain names?

Good villain names for males are generally sinister and scary but also portray strength. It is common to use weapons within their names (such as an Axe or Hammer), along with adjectives to describe the villains characteristics (big, angry, dark, strong, cruel etc).

Sometimes villain names are just using a single adjective (Sinister, Twisted etc).

What are some good female villain names?

Good villain names for females often include adjectives that are seductive yet dangerous. Whether they are the heroine or the villain, women are generally portrayed as attractive characters with a hint of danger to give them an edgy feel.

Some good examples are Black Widow and Mystique (seductive and dangerous).